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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HOPE is such an awesome word!

Well there is so much EXCITEMENT approaching in the next few weeks in Hayden’s memory! I am overwhelmed with joy that his precious soul had the ability to touch lives in so many different ways. I am so thankful that God chose Brent and me to be the parents to an angel! My main goal for Hayden when he passed away was for his legacy to continue. I prayed that the word HOPE would change people’s lives in more than one way. Brent and I did and always will have HOPE for Hayden.
I remember being told at his funeral do you realize how many people follow your precious child’s story. (70,000 which has now grown to 93,000) Do you realize how many people this is? It is like filling the New Orleans Saints Super Dome up. Instead of watching a football game, they are there to learn more about HOPE and LOVE because of your child Hayden. WOW! How awesome is this thought?
Hayden had the cutest curls, the sweetest coo, and the most precious smile. The most important thing about Hayden was his ability to love his mommy and daddy. He was a precious soul. He was an Earth Angel. He taught his mommy and daddy the true value of life. He taught us the ability to appreciate the simple things in life. He gave us the ability to help others and reach out to others. He was truly the most valuable blessing that Brent and I will ever receive. I would never wish the heartache of losing a child on any of my friends. I would though wish these awesome blessings, memories, and life lessons on each of my friends. They were one of a kind!
I know I do not update my blog as often anymore. I do promise that I will always continue to blog though from time to time. The reason is that we will continue to do things in memory of Hayden and all the other Earth Angels. We hope each thing that we do will continue to touch your family’s life.
In December, we were reminded that not only did Hayden touch the lives of people in Greenville but also his Doctors and Nurses. We were given the opportunity to speak on HOPE. WOW, where do you think they came up with the topic HOPE? This was just another pleasant reminder of how he changed the hospital to appreciate the word HOPE. We got the ability to share his story of HOPE with 100’s of Doctors and Nurses. I HOPE this made them have a different aspect on parents of terminally ill children. It was a true honor! I do remember one man saying to Brent, “We should do a topic on HOPE from the man’s aspect. The men are often slightly forgotten.” Well I LOVE this idea. So much that next Wednesday- Friday, I would like to ask each of you to tune into the radiothon. It is Blair E. Batson most fun and best fundraiser. I HOPE you will be touched by the stories. I can NOT wait to hear the story of SWEET KAMBREE one of Hayden’s fellow Batson friends. Hayden is her guardian angelJ Sending signs of yellow. Sweet Ava Grace’s mommy will also speak about their experience at the awesome NICCU. Tons of other parents will be speak stories of LOVE, HOPE, MIRACLES, and FAITH. I am going to ASK each of our friends to tune in at 3p.m. on Friday (I will let you know the station later) to hear a daddy’s aspect of HOPE and LOVE for BATSON. Yes, I am in Tears and all smiles as I think of my amazing husband and Hayden’s awesome daddy speaking with me on behalf of Blair Batson. Our heart is with Batson. Our trust was with Batson. They gave us longer than expected with Hayden. We give all of our love and thanks to the people of this hospital. I can only image how amazing it is going to be to hear Brent speak about his love for his son and his love for the staff of Blair Batson. We will also get to see a few very special children and friends while at Batson. I am THRILLED to say that God blessed me with a strong enough man to help share his story too. This is a blessing! I have much more excitement to share as the radiothon week unfolds! Stay TUNED……

So at this point can you tell how much we love our second home? Hayden went to be with Jesus behind the doors of this hospital. It is a very emotional experience to walk through those doors. I am actually going to SMILE as we walk into the hospital because it is the building in which Hayden had the privilege to rest in as he prepared to go to see Jesus.
We are doing the COLOR ME RAD 5K in memory of all of the Delta Angels that have spent time at Batson. My sweet friend Jordan James simply started this group with HOPE of 25 people running for a great cause! Guess what??? We almost have 200 people signed up for our team running for a large amount of kids from Greenville, Indianola, Yazoo, Cleveland, Belzoni and Rolling Fork. We NEVER in our WILDEST DREAM IMAGINED for ALL OF THIS TO HAPPEN! We did cute shirts with angel wings for our runners to wear during the race. We are now going to ASK FOR YOUR HELP until March 1st. We are doing a TSHIRT for 15 dollars or a TANK for 17 dollars to raise MORE MONEY from the DELTA ANGELS to give to BATSON. If each person that is running could sell two shirts or as many as you would like imagine the money we could raise???? AMAZING????  Please contact me, Charla Turner, Jordan James, Nichole Smyley, Amy Oakes, Angelia Casavechia, Donna Steinle, or any of our close friends and family to order a shirt. The shirt orders have been going great but we want to sell at least 150 more in the next two weeks. Sizes Ys- Yl and Adult small to adult xxxlarge. Checks made to DELTA ANGELS. If you are interested in running/walking with your family in this race please sign up at Team name: Delta Angels Password: James Promo Code: Fondren
You will LOOK SO CUTE in this shirt! Order one Today!

WOW can you believe the excitement going on! I bet Hayden is giggling in Heaven. Lastly, Greenville residents I am going to ask for your prayers as I share Hayden’s story at the March of Dimes Saturday night at 6. It will be very emotional as Bailey will be singing Blessings just like she did at Hayden’s funeral along with Hayden’s song that was made about him. I am not very involved with the March of Dimes but I look forward to becoming involved. I believe anything that can give a child a chance at life is so worth it! The Delta Babies need our support, love, and prayers.
I also have 150 blue jean ribbons for Genes for Jeans day next week to support rare disease day. I would love for people to wear Jeans on Feb. 28 to support Rare Disease Day. I HOPE that we have as much support as we did last year! Please call me if you cannot wear jeans to work but need some ribbons.
ALL in ALL I would say that Hayden is still working in tons of ways. I am so excited for the opportunity God is allowing Brent and me to be a part of because of our angel in Heaven. I HOPE you tune into the March of Dimes, Batson Radiothon, and support us running in the COLOR ME RAD. It is so close to the hospital that the kids will probably be able to see out of the windows. Thank you for your love and faithful prayers as we continue to live our life with grief, happiness, hope, and love.