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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Escaping worries and discovering happiness

Well we are finally Mississippi bound:) Hayden has officially been to the beach 9 times in one year. Many people probably think, why do they keep taking him to Florida? Well the reason is he Loves it! I'm not sure if it's the wind or the fact the 12th floor is so high that he feels close to the angels. :) We are firm believers in continuing to live our life to the fullest! We don't want to look back at this precious life and have regrets. Hayden is a memory maker. Florida is our escape from worries. Florida is our 2nd home. Florida has given Hayden many memories and pain free days. My little beach bum loves Florida! We started his birthday week out by a mini trip with his nana, papa, and uncle. Usually, we are sad to leave Florida. This time we are excited! Guess why? We are so close to having a prayer answered. We are so close to being one! I have prayed, pleaded, and begged God for this day. I have cried many tears of questioning if God would answer this prayer. We have had 3 scares where I feared we would not celebrate with Hayden on JUne 1. God is so close to answering our prayer. All I can do is say Thank you God! This whole week has been emotional as we are so happy and sad. We don't know what our future holds. We do know that God answers prayers. Hayden is still with us. He has experienced more in 12 months than many kids do in a lifetime! Hayden is our memory maker, smiles, energy, hope, miracle, and more importantly Our Earth Angel. Thank you God for this unbelievable journey. Thank you for trusting us with your child. Happy birthday Hayden brent! Let's get to party planning:)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day is always a special day. I have always (since K-4) loved making special things for my mom and grandmom for Mothers Day. I get very excited about celebrating special occasions. Last Mother's Day was even better. I received roses from Brent from our Baby to Be. I could not wait to be the mother to a healthy wild active little boy! This Mother's Day was different from them all. I was FINALLY a MOM! I have been so excited about this day until it arrived. Hayden woke up early. He was in a good mood. He made me so HAPPY. We were also going to dedicate him in the church. I was such a nervous wreck full of emotions and saddness. Mother's Day had a new meaning for me. A meaning that was a very sad one. I now know the true meaning of being a MOM. I LOVE BEING A MOM. I LOVE MY CHILD. I can not imagine a Mother's Day without Hayden. I was an emotional nut case as HOPE gained a new meaning. I HOPE, PRAY, and BEG that I will get to celebrate MOTHERS DAY again with Hayden next year. I have gained so many new friends this year. The main thing my new friends and I have in common is ill children. A few of these Mothers have recently lost their children. I quickly thought of them, how empty their hearts must be on this special day? My heart was aching for these Mothers. My husband quickly reminded me that ....Tomorrow is not promised for Hayden. Tomorrow is also not promised for any of us. I finally got off of my pitty party of saddness. I ended up having the BEST MOTHERS DAY. Our child was dedicated under the same roof that Brent and I got married. He was dedicated by the same preacher that married Brent and I. We are so thankful for the small moments in life. We are so thankful for the PERFECT Mothers Day. I LOVE my Ronaldo birthstone and pearl bracelet from Hayden.  I am so happy that God chose me to take care of one of his special angels. I pray that my friends and others that are longing to be a mother get to experience this wonderful journey soon. I pray that more of my friends and family will adopt kids longing for a special home. I love being a MOM and I HOPE you do too!

For those of you who do not know me. I was a first grade teacher. I love ART! I believe in MEMORIES. I helped Hayden make my cards. They turned out perfect! I am so thankful for my cards.

 "for I know the plans I have for you, declares the lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11

The cross is our representation of his baby dedication on Mother's Day. The best gift and a dream come too!
 Hayden had a cake to celebrate dedication. We are so proud of our angel! He was posing with one of the most important ladies in the world. My Mommy! Without mom, I would not have Hayden. I thank God for you Mom!
 Without Nona, we would not have Hayden. We are so thankful for you. Without Meg, we would not have ChiChi. ChiChi is the one that can talk for Hayden. I love to watch his milestones. I wish that Hayden could talk to his Chi. Chi has been saying Lollie and B for months. His new word of the week is Hay Hay. I thank God for our precious nephew.

All we are missing is MawMaw Mrytle. Hayden with his favorites. (Until Fathers Day:))
 Hayden with his yummy cake for baby dedication.
 We enjoyed a weekend full of great memories together. I love this precious angel from heaven.
 Look, who was so Happy to wake up on Mother's Day! He was ready to shower his mommy with LOVE!

I can not wait for Brent to experience Father's Day next month! We will make it extra special just as he made Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

11 Months:)

I decided that it was time to update my blog this morning. I figured that I had the right to "brag" for a moment. Well then I realized that I better not "brag" as Hayden had two seizures in the time I was starting my computer up. Let's just put it this way, Hayden turned 11 months on May 1. God has truely blessed us with some great days in May. (Beats April so far). We have finally gained some energy. We are finally back in the swing of things. We were so excited for Hayden's 11 Month Birthday celebration. Many times in our life, we did not feel that we would even see this day. He is our miracle child. We are so close to the one year birthday. I am so anxious, nervous, and proud. I want him to feel good on his day. I hope he is seizure free on his day. I cant wait to make it special for him. Praying that God gets us safely to June 1st.

Month 10 was rough. We spent three weeks in the hospital. Within these three weeks, we were told devastating news. We were heart broken. We felt as if our lives were over again. HMMM, so what should we do now? Go home and cry? Yes, this was my first reaction. Then we decided NAH, we must continue to live life to its fullest. Hayden does not want us to give up! Hayden has lots of things to do in his precious life. So we loaded up and went on vacation. Hayden deserved this! 

We sang Happy Birthday to Hayden on our way to the Beach. He took his two friends with him. They would pamper him all week. He had a great week. It started out very scary though. We continued to pray for better days. Guess what? God gave us better days. We were able to take him to the beach. His Nona gave him a UV tent for the beach. He loved it! He cut his first tooth! Huge accomplishment:) He went to the track and went on a train ride. He went to crab island. He went swimming in the pool. HE WENT 26 HOURS SEIZURE FREE! All in all we had a great week with our perfect little family and friends. Hayden has officially done more in 11 months than some 10 year olds do in a lifetime.

I love this picture of him sleeping. It shows how relaxed the beach makes him. I believe he could be a beach bum. I am sure his mommy and Nana wouldnt mind it.
 Well Hayden has been to Orange Beach 2 times and Destin 6. He loves going to Nanas home away from home. It is perfect for Hayden. He loves to relax. This time he decided to feel the ocean water. He said OOOHH, Mommy that feels good!
 Daddy and Hayden took a dip in the swimming pool. Hayden was so excited for soming daddy/son time.
 Crab Island? I think so! He wanted to go play in the prettiest water in Florida. So that is just what we did! He loved his boat ride! ( Notice his crab outfit for a day at crab island)
 He was so excited to finally have that big life jacket off! He was ready for a nap:)
 Okay, mommy had to change him. Hayden is quickly growing out of his 12 month outfits so we are trying to get a couple of outfits in a day. Yes, he is definitely a fashion King. He even got new sunshades:) ( I have had so many people
 We love these girls like daughters. Hayden loves these girls like sisters! Thankful for their kisses and smiles.
 Beach Bum, I think so! He loved snoozing in his beach tent.
 Hayden did not feel good in this picture. The only problem with good days is that you can never forget about the bad. I can never stop thinking about the future. It is a terrible feeling. So as I looked at him, I figured he needed a little love. So I drew Hayden a picture on my menu. I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH!
 Hayden enjoyed his train ride. He was so excited to be outside in the warm yet breezy weather.